Forever Staycation

A tropical villa-style home amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. Beautifully situated in the south of Jakarta, Earthville ticks your family’s boxes. A neighborhood equipped with a 70% open-air environment, a basketball court and riverside jogging track, a children’s playground and camping site, even a pet’s park for our furry friends.

Communal Living : Reimagined

Surrounded by thoughtfully designed communal places, Earthville envisages a more harmonious living, where residents are supported to have both a space of privacy and gathering places to exchange, commune, and unite.

Rumah Tumbuh

Every chapter may need a new chamber. From moving on to a better career, tying a knot, expecting a little one, to expanding the family—dreams shift from time to time. In Earthville, every unit is completed with vacant land for subsequent improvements.